COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Camp operations/activities will be adjusted to meet provincial re-opening guidelines and steps, as the province progresses through the re-opening plan.

Important Disclaimer

All participants must be able to maintain physical distancing and follow instructions and protocols throughout the day.  Our summer camps are limited this summer to ages 5 and up (born 2016 and before).  If your child will be turning five soon, please contact us so that we can further assess whether they can join our camp this summer.  If your child meets the age requirement, but you feel your child will have difficulty with these strict protocols, please wait and register them when they are ready.  Please note that we reserve the right to de-enroll any campers who is unable to keep up with safety protocols.

Daily Health Screening

ALL participants of ANY program offered by Academy Sport and Fitness are required to complete a daily self-assessment before coming to the gym.

Please select the self-assessment based on the type of program you are attending:

What to Expect?

Check out this video about our safety and cleaning procedures.

We continue to follow strict safety and hygiene procedures, as per regulations of Gymnastics Ontario and Public Health Ontario. Our sanitation protocols include the use of a power fogger in conjunction with Vital Oxide.  Vital Oxide is a hospital grade disinfectant certified for use against COVID-19.  Based on the product’s safety sheet, is it non-toxic and non-carcinogenic; no eye protection or masks are needed; it has no odor; it can be used on food preparation surfaces without rinsing. 

Summer camp participants will be in pods (maximum size of 10 in a pod, including the coach and any CIT support).  At any point in time, pods will be at separate areas of the gym (“zones”).  Each pod will be entering and exiting through a separate door (west side of the gym), to maintain distancing at all times.  Sanitation and safety procedures will be maintained. Procedures and protocols may change as per Public Health guidance.

Health & Safety Protocols

We follow strict safety and hygiene protocols, over and above what is mandated by Provincial and Public Health guidelines and Gymnastics Ontario regulations, to ensure that our families and athletes can comfortably participate in camp at the gym.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation in ensuring that our gym environment is safe and healthy for all.

As per Gymnastics Ontario regulations and Provincial guidelines, access to the gym/facility is limited until further notice to program participants, athletes, parent volunteers, coaches and staff, during their scheduled programs provided that they have completed necessary forms. Forms and policy documents will be completed online through Google Forms to facilitate the process and for record keeping.  

Finally, as per current Provincial requirements, all participants must be screened daily before coming to the gym. When a participant or a member of your household is sick, exhibiting symptoms, is suspected to have COVID-19 or has been exposed to someone who has, the participant should be staying away from the gym until they are cleared.