Preparing for Camp

Welcome to Camp! We’re excited to have you. This page has everything you need to know to have a great day at camp such as what to bring, arrival, pick-up and more.

* Revised policies effective July 1, 2023 *

Arrival, Pick-Up, Additional Information


  • Drop off is at 9:00am.  Campers must arrive on time. Latecomers will be admitted only when the coach can bring them in, to avoid disruption of trhe program. 
  • If you know your child will be absent, please inform the coach or advise us via email as soon as possible.
  • Only campers will be allowed into the gym/facility.
  • Parents/caregivers must sign in campers at the door with the coach.
  • Please come dressed for camp, so that the start of day can move along quickly and efficiently.

Departure (Pick-Up)

  • Parents/caregivers must arrive on time for pick-up at the entrance hallway of the gym.
  • The coach will release campers to their parent/caregiver and sign them out. 
  • Those picking up campers may be asked to show a photo ID to verify their identity. Please ensure that everyone with permission is listed with us to pick up your camper.
  • Parents and caregivers will not be allowed into the gym.
  • Campers must be picked up at 4:00pm. Extended care campers must be picked up no later than 5:30pm.

What to Bring

  • Nut-free morning and afternoon snacks and a substantial lunch (refrigeration or food heating are not available)
  • Full bottle of water (reusable water bottle labeled with your camper’s name)
  • Proper and comfortable attire: form-fitting clothes to allow safe movement of the body, such as shorts and a t-shirt (no skirts, dresses or hoodies), or gymnastics leotard.  Please remove necklaces, or any hanging jewelry.  Long hair must be pulled back.  Campers will be barefoot while in the gym.
  • Summer Camp: Towel and a change of clothes.
  • Summer Camp: Sunscreen for outdoor activities (we recommend spray sunscreen as coaches are not permitted to apply sunscreen to campers).
  • Optional: If your child will be wearing a mask, please bring a well-fitted mask (and extra-masks in case one breaks).
  • Smiles 🙂

Gym Policies

  • Gymnastics equipment may not be used unless under coach supervision.
  • Outdoor shoes must be removed and left in the front lobby before entering the gym.
  • Only athletes and staff may enter the gym area (parent & tot programs excepted). The viewing area is not available during camp hours.
  • Food and drink are allowed only in designated areas.
  • We strive to be a peanut/nut-free environment.  Please help us keep it that way.  All participants are asked to refrain from bringing in products that contain or may contain peanuts, nuts and/or nut products.  Remember, peanut/nut allergies are of the most common food allergies, with potential life-threatening consequences.  Please be aware and read the labels carefully.
  • The Academy reserves the right to terminate participant membership at any time.
  • Coaches, class times & age range are subject to change based on availability and demand.


Coaches are running camp during the day and do not have regular email or phone contact. If necessary, please email the gym and the head camp coach will respond as soon as it is possible. The office will usually be unstaffed during camp. Please help us maintain safe operations and do not enter the gym. Side doors may be open for ventilation, not for entry, during the day. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Let’s all have a fun and active summer!

Health & Safety (Current*)

Health Screening: Any participant who is sick or is feeling unwell is asked to avoid coming to class/camp until they are feeling well or until cleared to do so by a medical professional.

EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2022: Optional mask use. Participants and coaches may wear a mask for their comfort or protection. If your child will be wearing a mask, please send a mask (and back up) with them.

Health and safety policies may change subject to Provincial and Public Health guidelines and regulations.